Horoscope prediction is a practice that uses astrological information to provide insights and predictions about a person’s life, including their personality traits, relationships, career, and future events.


Palmistry is the practice of analyzing the lines and patterns on your hand to gain insight into your personality and future. It is also known as chiromancy.  Ultimately, the impact of palmistry on an individual’s life.


Vaastu is a science that  analyzes the energy flow of space and predicts how it will affect your residing or working space. It is based on the principles of Vaastu Shastra, an ancient Indian science of architecture and design.


Predicting the future is just like the road map to drive. predicting the future , have several benefits, including the ability to plan and make better decisions, identify potential risks or opportunities, increase effeciency and gain a competative edge it is a act of forecasting which will happen in future


A negative energy check is a practice that involves assessing and addressing any negative energy or emotions present in a particular space. This can involve using various techniques such as smudging, crystals, or meditation to clear the energy and create a more positive atmosphere. 


Afflicted moon with other planet forms the combination of negative presence in the chart. This negativity may represent depression or may represent mental disorder. Depressed, anxiety, negative feeling, unable to handle issue all are sign of depression. We have full team of astrologers who will advise you.


If you are also feeling some supernatural power or entity around you and want to rid away from the same then don’t worry. Astrovaidya is here to help you. We are having the best and most experienced consulters who will guide and advise the best practice. 


Everyone want to be successful in career. Are you in a right place? Need a push, but in which direction you  need to go. where your energy is utilised to enhance your career. Our astrologers helps you to make wise judgement.. our Astrologers use the positions of celestial bodies to gain insight into your personality


Relationship holds excess of our life. If it is missing then you feel incomplete and if you are with someone’s then ups and downs of your relationship effects your other area of life. Improve your relationship with proper advice and healing to lead a peaceful life ahead with astrovaidya.

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