The star Spica is located in the constellation Virgo, which also contains a cluster that contains thousands of galaxies.

Our forebears believed that the constellation represented a young woman with wings when they looked at it. Virgo, which is the second-largest constellation, is the only sign that is depicted as a female. She was revered as a mighty deity connected with farming and childbearing.

In particular, the ancient Greeks connected the constellation Virgo with Demeter, the goddess of agriculture and harvest. Her daughter, Persephone, was taken by Hades, the god of the underworld, but he always let her return to her mother in the spring. An old theory proposed that Persephone’s descent caused the changing of the seasons into the underworld in the fall and her subsequent ascent in the spring when the fields were more fertile. Sadly, Virgo is usually the lover who is a nag and a shrew. They don’t mean to be this way, but they can see that you’re not reaching your full potential, which makes them sad. If you listen to them, you’d see how right they are and how you can be the best you can be by taking their advice.

Remember that the Virgo zodiac sign is the Vestal Virgin, which means they can live their lives without you getting in the way. But if a Virgo has chosen to love you—yes, they do choose to love people—because they see a bright future for the two of you together.

By no means are they prudes? But unlike Leo, who wears their feelings on their sleeves, Virgo knows how to tell the difference between a one-night stand and a stable long-term relationship. It’s their way of staying out of the chaos and trouble that comes with a broken heart. A broken heart is the hardest thing for a Virgo zodiac sign to fix.


Virgo horoscope today Venus has made herself at home in the sector of your chart that deals with sensitivity, and she is now engaged in a battle with her cosmic friend Mars. When you’re overcome with feelings, you may think that the solution is to stuff them down and bury them. However, you truly want someone to pay attention to what you have to say and try to comprehend what you are saying. The catch is as follows: You can’t call on others immediately if you want their help. You may have to keep your composure and let your feelings percolate longer than you’d want. If you need to let off some steam but don’t want to do it at the cost of others you care about, try keeping a diary or doing some cardio


Most Virgos are very humble people. They want to know that their work is appreciated, but they don’t need big thanks for feeling important. They are smart as can be. They see the little things. If their toothbrush is moved even a centimetre, 

Virgo zodiac sign compatibility notices.

Virgos are like the mediaeval philosopher who lives in a clean cell and never opens the door because he’s afraid people will see how messy it is inside.

They have to be the best to feel like they deserve to be alive. They can get so caught up in their idea of perfection that they lose touch with what they want. They lock away their feelings to get to a place where they don’t feel anything.

They can seem a lot smarter than they are. Most of the time, they don’t know how they feel. They feel deeply about so many things but don’t know how to talk about them most of the time. They can only say what they can’t say with sarcasm.


It is well knowledge that Virgos strive for perfection. They have a reputation for paying close attention to detail, which enables them to see patterns where there appear to be none. Virgo’s zodiac sign personality sometimes tends to be too picky and overly critical.

Although Virgos are exceedingly precise, this trait does not automatically imply that they maintain clean and organized living quarters. Their peculiarities and routines may not often coincide with conventional conceptions of a clean environment. 

They may live in what seems to be the aftermath of a dust storm caused by a Tasmanian devil, but they could still enforce rules such as “no shoes in the home” or “no outside clothing on the bed.” Even though their home seems disorganised, they can easily find whatever they need. Everything is in its proper location. Virgos are drawn to neat and tidy environments, yet they prioritise the well-being of others over their own comfort. 

Virgo may find themselves so preoccupied with improving the lives of others around them that they neglect to put in the effort necessary to meet their requirements. The pursuit of one’s self-interest is not often what drives Virgos.

In addition to their intelligence, Virgos are noted for being introverted, which may make it difficult for them to communicate their thoughts and feelings effectively. When you talk to them, you could get the impression that you’re only skimming the surface of reality and have no idea what they’re processing and experiencing. Their preoccupation with ideas and concepts may give the impression that they are trying to hide the shallowness of their emotional life. They are a self-contained citadel, which is the very meaning of the term “self-containment.”

 Virgo’s zodiac sign personality will be endlessly accepting of whatever you have to share with them. Still, they won’t see the value in spontaneously performing a similar excavation of themselves for anyone else. By nature, Virgos are meticulous. Over time, they develop into hardworking perfectionists who refuse to accept subpar work and would gladly take on more responsibility to ensure their work is done to their standards. However, there is a thin line between contributing well to the team and becoming a monster of a control freak who wants to perform everyone else’s job for them. True, it’s not easy.

 Virgos take great pleasure in being of service to others and in establishing their worth and credibility. However, they demand (discreetly) thanks, acknowledgement, and maybe a little reward. They won’t come out and say it (that would be too rude), but they’ll keep doing favours and helping until you finally give them the recognition they deserve. This may backfire on Virgos when their service is taken for granted, irritating the perfectionists even more. The inner judge is activated, and one begins to criticise oneself and others for their perceived lack of social graces. When your Virgo friend helps you out, all you have to do is thank them.

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