Benefits  of Keeping  Shivling  at Home!

Auspicious  Occasions Worship Lord Shiva  at home on  Mahashivratri,  Shravan Maas,  and Kartik  Purnima.

Marital  Blessings  Unmarried girls fast on Mondays  (Sola Somvar)  for an ideal  husband.

Negativity  Dispelled Shiva's worship  is believed to  remove negativity,  bringing peace &  harmony to  the household.

Spiritual  Well-being Shiva Pooja at  home is linked to  spiritual benefits,  offering the potential  for salvation or moksha after death.   

                                      Fertility & Offspring Performing Lord  Shiva's  pooja may bless  couples with offspring,  symbolized by  Shiva's vehicle, the  white bull Nandi,  representing fertility.