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Astro means related to stars or celestial bodies and Vaidya is a physician or practitioner who heals with the Ayurvedic system of medicine. Vaidya is also a clan or family long back in India that is famed for expertise in Shastras were holding two positions of General of War and also as a Prime Minister.
In Indian Vedas, believe in improving the life of Man by the help of knowledge and so does the branch of Astrology, where you will find numerous remedies and healing areas that are used for it. They are still in practice and followed by Indians.
Here in AstroVaidya – we are dedicated to spread the light of healing system of India to all people.
We are committed to give quality and providing healing through many streams of astrology like mantra, yantra, gems, yagya etc. whichever is best suitable to the person.
Our main purpose is to bring harmony and peace in this world – that is why we are Astro Vaidya.

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