What is Kundli Milan or Kundli Matching?

The world is a very interesting thing with lots of concepts and things to wonder about. There are some things that we question and there are some which we accept blindly. Kundli Milan: How it is done, our question today, which is the biggest hindrance for this current generation. People are looking forward to having an excellent life with their life partner and they want to move on their way. The ancestral way is slightly different from the modern way of starting a marriage. The first step towards moving into a marriage is the Kundli Milan.

What is Kundli Milan or Kundli Matching?

The concept of Kundli Milan is a very ancestral thing engraved in the history of Vedic Astrology. This art form is very holy to begin with because it is the only way in Vedic Astrology and also one of the main methods to find out the compatibility of two people who are willing to get married to each other. 

Kundli Milan is known as the ancient art done by a Jyotish or an astrologer who has a great understanding of the zodiac and horoscope. This is the Horoscope matching of two people to find out the compatibility ratio. The result and aftermath will decide whether the marriage will work or it will fall apart.

This art form is getting denied by the young generation because they find it hard to believe in stuff like this. The young age believes that if two people are in love with each other and they are sure that they can make their marriage work then how can an outsider, a stranger can tell them that marrying each other will be a bad idea. The Western culture also needs help to agree with the deals of Kundli Milan as they are what we call modern civilization.

One very disturbing thing about Western society is that they don’t follow any culture and it would be completely okay to say that they don’t have any culture because of their history. Kundli Milan or Kundli Matching is a thing that works on a person’s faith and keeping faith in the holy things is one thing that is taught by the culture.

However, there are people in the USA who still are in touch with their roots and some people are again trying to reestablish that connection. They believe in astrology and Kundli Milan, to be specific. For those who trust this the best astrological service provider in the USA, Astrovaidya is here to help them whenever they need it. You can get the best astrologer in the USA from here at the best rates.

Why do we need to do Kundli Milan?

On this Earth, every human being who is breathing and walking has their own set of energies with them and the way we behave with different people is defined by the clash of our energy with the energy of the person we are working with. This is also known as star compatibility. In Vedic Astrology, we have read that Kundli Milan is one of the ancient arts which still exists and works. 

Hence, the art of Kundli Milan or Kundli Matching will help you in finding the person with whom your energies don’t clash that much and your stars won’t bother you in any kind of work when you are with them. 

It gives us just a little glance at the compatibility of two person’s stars and how our life will look like if we tie the knot with them. Although this is not something you can blindly trust, things still can be changed in the future because nobody knows what is waiting for us in the upcoming days so in the end it is just a matter of trust.  

You might have heard the term Mangal Dosha which plays a very serious role in the Kundli Milan process. It is to be said that if a person is Manglik as in if there is Mangal Dosha in his or her kundli then the partner will deal with difficulties in the future and there must be some consequences of marrying a person with Kundli Dosha. 

Even in the USA people, who are having difficulties in their marriages are getting their Kundli checked by an astrologer. Kundli Milan is very common worldwide; you might see a different name or way of doing it, but the last outcome and purpose would always be the same. 

Mangal Dosha or Kundli Dosha

The process of Kundli Milan is to find out the compatibility of two people and if it says that the two people are okay then they are good to go but if somehow there is a dosha in your kundli or your partner’s then you need to take some important steps to get cured. 

Mangal Dosha is a kind of dosha in a person’s horoscope or kundli which dominates its traits and qualities. Mangal Dosha happens when the planet Mars is placed in your first, fourth, seventh, eighth, and twelfth house. That person is called Manglik. Having a Manglik person as your partner can be bothersome at some stages for example, you will argue over every little thing because of the short temper effect of Mangal Dosha.

What is the Process of Kundli Milan?

In Vedic astrology, the entire process of horoscope matching is referred to as AshtaKoot Milan. Kootas are categories and Ashta here implies 8. Different facets of life are represented by these eight parameter groups. 

There are 8 factors that are taken into account when figuring out how compatible two people are. There are a total of 36 gunas associated with each of these factors. The more gunas match with the person you are willing to marry the more rise you’ll see in the compatibility scale. 

In the process of Kundli Milan, the horoscope charts of two people, one girl, and one boy, basically who are marrying each other, will be matched to find out the outcome of their marriage. Whether the marriage will be happy or not will be decided by the number of gunas matched by both of them with each other.  The most important part of the kundli milan is the ashta-koot matching that studies 36 points from both of the horoscopes. The condition of a happy marriage is that if 18 or more points match then it will be a happy marriage if not then it is rejected by astrology.

How Important is Kundli Milan for Love Marriages?

Kundli Milan or Kundli Matching is the first thing people do when they decide to get married. This is a very crucial step according to Vedic Astrology but it is also done by the people who live in a Western society like the people of the USA. It is said that this step is the basis of every successful marriage according to astrology. 

However, the thing which goes against this rule is called Love Marriage. People who are in love and decide to tie knots are mentally and physically prepared to live with each other because they have known each other for a while and now they believe that they can survive with each other. 

If they do agree to do Kundli Milan then it is for the purpose of knowing some after-marriage factors like whether can they conceive a child, whether can they be financially stable after marriage, does the marriage will affect their success rates, and so on. Even if the odds are still against them they still go for the marriage because they don’t really care about that. Some people allow their parents to do Kundli Milan because of their parent’s happiness and that’s all. 

Everything in astrology can be denied by science and if the person is very practical in life then he or she will never agree to do these practices. The new generation calls it the traditional ways of marriage and now they don’t accept this practice rather they want to move forward and take their decisions as they, please. 

The possibility of them checking their horoscopes before marrying each other is very few. If a person who has already developed some faith in the world of astrology is marrying someone then that person would definitely go for Kundli Milan or Horoscope matching with his or her partner but that also might not change their decision of marrying each other.

Strong Foundations

The true essence of a successful marriage is mutual understanding and their emotional bond with each other. No other thing can shake their relationship or marriage if they really love each other and respect each other’s space. 

As you know, respect is the key to any successful relationship and if the respect factor is missing then it is for sure that the relationship will fall apart. It doesn’t matter that Kundli Milan says the marriage would be excellent and nothing will go wrong, the marriage will lean towards the path of separation if those two people are not willing to live together.