According to Vedic Astrology, the effects of Mars in the first house, also known as the ascendant or the Lagna, in a horoscope may have both good and negative consequences for individuals of any ascendant, regardless of gender.

Planet Mars in the ascendant, imparts a fearless and ambitious attitude to the native, combined with an impulsive and unpredictable disposition. Mars is a fierce and fiery planet, and when it holds a natal position in the head, it undoubtedly affects the disposition and frame of mind of the native.

Mars in the first house gives the native an excellent appearance with sharp features, but it also gives the native any scars and marks on their body and face. This is according to Vedic astrology. We have seen that even if Mars is in a favourable position in the ascendant or the Lagna, it will still deliver any form of mark, pimple scar or permanent spot on the face or cut etc., on the head throughout life at any moment.

Even if Mars or Mangal are involved in some way with the first house, the face may occasionally develop persistent patches that seem to be caused by chicken pox or any other kind of trauma or injury. This is something that we have seen.

When Mangal, also known as Mars, occupies the first house in a horoscope, the native is often endowed with a ruddy complexion and adept at engaging in dishonest behaviours.

When Mars is ascendant, a man or woman will not get a lot of love and affection from their parents. This might be because their parents pass away at an early age or because the native lives far away from them, which causes their mutual connection to diminish and creates a sense of detachment.

Accident-prone, dangerous for wounds, burns, and other things, and mainly above the neck. Mars afflicted in the first house also denotes suffering due to other causes, such as theft, poisoning, accidents, etc. Regarding their professional lives, these men and women would do well to choose careers that include technical education and specific fields of work. Works dealing with mechanical items, tools, metal etc. Furthermore, they may also be an able surgeon in the medical area. Regarding career field selection, MangalMangal or mars in the first house indicates working with mechanical things.


Mars is the origin of bile illness; hence, there is a significant risk of contracting a biliary condition due to visiting Mars. Because the native has a higher level of irritation, he is quicker to get irritated. The individual may have issues with their eyes. The presence of Mars has been the cause of several headaches and mishaps. If Mars is near the moon or can see it from its vantage point, there is a possibility of an illness related to high blood pressure.


Mars is a warrior, fighter, and Commander; thus, this category may be incapable of understanding feelings, love, and passion. They desire to work hard and accomplish their objectives. Thus, they are workaholics. Additionally, the Manglik Dosha is caused by Mars in the first house. This only indicates great enthusiasm and drive to get things done and achieve objectives.

When two individuals are involved in a relationship, it is usually beneficial if their excitement levels are in harmony with one another. Horoscope matching thus becomes an absolute need for this reason. To avoid conflicts and misunderstandings in a relationship or marriage, both parties involved should have a Mars that is consistent with one another.

Mars in the Lagna or the first house may cause a person to be highly dynamic and full of energy. It has the potential to make someone very dominant as well as overconfident. How will it function now that a warrior-like planet is connecting with your image, attitude, and inclinations?

The first thing you need to do is analyze your horoscope to find out what kind of influence Mars has in your life. Even though Mars is considered an evil planet, if it is also considered a functional benefit in the horoscope, it has a different effect.


To properly discuss Mars, you must first grasp its astrological placement. Not everyone with Mars in the first house will have the same characteristics. Before determining the Mars-ruled house, you must determine the Lagna sign and any postulated planets.

One with a dominant Mars placement tends to be driven and fearless. If Mars forms a raj yoga in your first house (Lagna) throughout its period, your every wish will come true. The location of Mars provides insight into one’s motivations and character. Weak Mars, however, will draw the individual into further conflicts.

Mars is a very inspiring and productive planet. So, this fire and zeal may be extremely helpful if directed in the proper directions; yet, if Mars isn’t in command and doesn’t know how to direct this energy, it can lead to destruction.

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