Moon Phase 2023

Discover the celestial secrets of Moon Phase 2023 with AstroVaidya’s comprehensive Moon Phase calendar. Explore the occurrences of the new moon, full moon, first quarter moon, and last quarter moon throughout the upcoming year.

To gain a deeper understanding of these celestial events, let’s explore the diverse phases of the moon. As we are aware, the moon revolves around the Earth, while the Earth orbits around the sun. This cosmic dance of sunlight and the moon’s position creates the alternating cycles of day and night. The captivating journey in which the moon transitions from darkness to brilliance and then back to darkness is known as the moon cycle, referred to as a lunar month or lunation. This fascinating expedition is divided into four distinct parts:

1. New Moon (Amavasya)
2. First Quarter
3. Full Moon (Purnima)
4. Last Quarter

Unveil the mystique of the moon’s phases with AstroVaidya and embrace a deeper understanding of cosmic rhythms in 2023.

Moon Phases Calendar 2023

New Moon First Quarter Full Moon Last Quarter
21 January 2023

01:55 pm

28 January 2023

08:20 am

6 January 2023

04: 55 pm

14 January 2023

07: 13 pm

20 February 2023

12:09 pm

27 February 2023

01:01 am

5 February 2023

11:30 am

13 February 2023

09:03 am

21 March 2023

10:26 am

28 March 2023

07:33 pm

7 March 2023

05:42 am

14 March 2023

07:10 pm

19 April 2023

09:15 pm

27 April 2023

02:21 pm

5 April 2023

09:37 pm

13 April 2023

02:12 pm

19 May 2023

08:55 am

27 May 2023

08:23 am

5 May 2023

10:36 am

12 May 2023

07:29 am

17 June 2023

09:39 pm

26 June 2023

12:51 pm

3 June 2023

08:43 pm

10 June 2023

12:32 pm

17 July 2023

11:33 am

25 July 2023

03:08 pm

3 July 2023

04:40 am

9 July 2023

06:49 pm

16 August 2023

02:38 pm

24 August 2023

02:58 pm

1 August 2023

11:33 am

8 August 2023

03:29 am

14 September 2023

06:40 pm

22 September 2023

12:32 pm

29 September 2023

02:58 pm

6 September 2023

03:22 pm

14 October 2023

10:55 am

21 October 2023

08:30 pm

28 October 2023

01:24 pm

6 October 2023

06:49 am

13 November 2023

02:27 pm

20 November 2023

03:50 am

27 November 2023

02:16 am

5 November 2023

01:38 am

12 December 2023

04:32 pm

19 December 2023

11:40 am

26 December 2023

05:33 pm

4 December 2023

10:51 am

Now that we’ve explored the comprehensive Moon Phase 2023 Calendar, it’s time to delve into a detailed understanding of the various moon phases. This in-depth chart forms the foundation of the entire calendar, and we’ll now unravel the secrets behind each unique phase of the moon.

Moon Phase 2023 Calendar: New Moon

In this Moon Phase 2023 Calendar, let’s begin our exploration with the moon’s initial phase, known as the new moon. Delving into the intricacies of this phase, we find that it marks the beginning of a fresh lunar cycle. During this period, both the sun and the moon are in close proximity to each other and positioned equidistant from the Earth.
When we observe the new moon, it appears dark to us. This darkness is a result of the sun’s light not reaching the moon’s surface at that specific time. However, if we were to view the opposite side of the moon, we would witness a bright and illuminated appearance.

Moon Phase 2023 Calendar: First Quarter

As we delve into the Moon Phase 2023 Calendar, we encounter the self-explanatory phase known as the First Quarter. This phase marks one-fourth completion of the moon’s orbit, becoming apparent about a week after the Amavasya or new moon. The First Quarter moon cycle repeats approximately every 29.531 days.
When observing the moon from Earth during its First Quarter, we find it positioned 90 degrees east of the sun, earning it the name “east quadrant.”
This phase of the moon serves as a stepping stone towards becoming the full moon in the subsequent phase. As a result, one’s intentions intensify, fostering a sense of determination and eagerness to achieve goals. During this time, the mind and faculties receive heightened energy, propelling individuals forward in their pursuits.

Moon Phase 2023 Calendar: Full Moon

In this segment of the Moon Phase 2023 Calendar, the sun and the moon appear distanced in the sky. During the Full Moon, we witness the moon’s complete and glorious side, fully illuminated. Interestingly, the visibility of the full moon varies during the solstices, being least visible in the summer solstice and more prominent during the winter solstice. This mesmerizing lunar phase occurs once every month.

The Full Moon has acquired various names over time, such as the blue moon and harvest moon. It is also famously referred to as the red moon, owing to the striking phenomenon when the moon is encircled by a red ring during this phase.

Moon Phase 2023 Calendar: Last Quarter

In the Moon Phase 2023 Calendar, we encounter the Last Quarter, where the moon has traversed three-fourths of its orbit, leaving only one-fourth distance to complete before the next full moon. This phase emerges about a week after the full moon and holds its own distinct significance.
The Last Quarter phase is intimately connected with the elimination of negative energy. As the moon wanes, it symbolizes a time for letting go, releasing what no longer serves us, and purging ourselves of negativity. It offers a valuable opportunity for introspection and cleansing, paving the way for the forthcoming full moon cycle.