Mangal Dosha Effects and Remedies you can Look for

The condition Mangal Dosha is usually common and can be found in any person whether it is male or female. To the people of the USA this article contains all kinds of Mangal Dosha effects and remedies you can look for. In the field of Astrology if the planet Mars or often known as “Mangal” is placed in the first, fourth, seventh, eighth, and twelfth house of a person’s horoscope, then it is said to be the Mangal Dosha.

Mangal Dosha Effects and Remedies you can Look for

Its presence in any of these six houses, out of a total of twelve, results in this dosha. Mangliks are those people who have this dosha.

This Mangal Dosha has several effects on a person’s life depending on which house Mars is placed in. It can affect your married life, social life, and even your career. In this article, you will learn about the Mangal Dosha meaning, its effects, and its remedies.

What is Mangal Dosha?

Astrology has a very strong impression of the importance of Manglik Dosh. Manglik dosha is closely related to matrimony in Hinduism. According to astrology mangal dosha meaning refers to if Mars appears in a person’s horoscope in the first, fourth, seventh, eighth, or twelfth positions, that individual is said to have Manglik Dosha.

Mars’s location causes the manglik dosha to exist. Mars is known as the God of War and is still single. Strangely, the planet, which is single itself, produces combinations in the native’s horoscope that cause ongoing issues with marriage proposals as well as married life.

Therefore, it is typically advised that a Manglik individual marry a Manglik because doing otherwise will have a negative impact on their marriage.

  • According to astrology, there are difficulties and sorrows in marriage, and occasionally the life companion is also left behind, even when a Mangli (Manglik) marries a non-Manglik.
  • According to astrology, it is appropriate to marry a Manglik to another Manglik because doing so terminates the Manglik Dosh for both parties.

Mangal Dosha Effects On A Person’s Life

Moving on from the mangal dosha meaning and definitions let’s jump to the effects of mangal dosha.

Mangal Dosha Effects On A Person’s Life

As the above-mentioned combinations state that the person whose horoscope has Mangal Dosha is a Manglik person. It is said that Mars is the planet of war so the Mangal Dosha effects are just highly unfavourable or unpleasant situations a person falls in.

How Mangal Dosha Affects A Person In Different Ways:

  • If Mars is placed in the 1st house of a person’s horoscopic chart then it will create difficulties in the married life of that person. He/She will cause problems with their spouse; such as conflicts, physical assaults, and violence in many families.
  • The fourth house effect of Mangal Dosha is also very severe. It can affect the career of the person with Mangal Dosha. The person will keep hopping from one job to another and still won’t get anything satisfactory. It might be possible that the person will face some financial problems as well.
  • An individual who has Mars in the seventh house tends to be irritable and temperamental. His excessive energy will lead to aggressive conduct. In the household and between life partners, there are frequent arguments.
  • Mars in the eighth house predicts extreme laziness for the individual. He will handle money and assets carelessly and recklessly, which will usually result in him losing the family property.
  • A person having Mangal Dosha with Mars in the twelfth house means he or she will have enemies. The individual will experience several mental health issues. The person could sustain significant cash losses.

The Two Different Types of Mangal Dosha

In the Astrology section, there are only two kinds of Mangal Dosha, High Mangal Dosha and the other is Low Mangal Dosha.

Types of Mangal Dosha

1. High Mangal Dosha: When an individual faces issues due to Mars being placed in the first, fourth, seventh, eighth, and twelfth house of your three charts then it means that individual has High Mangal Dosha.

The three charts here represent the Moon chart, the Venus chart, and the Natal chart. The effects of Mangal Dosha vary from house to house. It can be very fatal when Mars is placed in the seventh and eighth houses.

Mangal Dosha effects on the Venus and Moon chart are more severe than when it is in the Natal Chart.

2. Low Mangal Dosha: When Mars is positioned in any one of the first, fourth, seventh, eighth, or twelfth houses of any three charts, Low Mangal Dosha occurs. It might be the Natal, Venus, or Moon charts.

Remedies To Cancel Out The Bad Effects of Mangal Dosha

However, since some Mangal Dosha remedies assist in cancelling the negative effects of Mangal, one need not worry about the negative effects of this dosha. There are some practices and mantras one can practise. They are listed below.

  • A union or marriage between two Manglik people: This is the first and most common Mangal Dosha Remedies you’ll come across. If a person with Mangal Dosha marries another person of their kind then it will nullify the effect of dosha. The bad and dangerous effects of the Dosha will get cancelled and both the person can live a prosperous life.
  • Kumbh Vivah: The Kumbh Vivah ritual can be used to counteract the negative impacts of Mangal dosha in marriages where one partner is Manglik. A Manglik person is destined to marry a peepal tree, a silver or gilded idol of Lord Vishnu, a banana tree, or a peepal tree, according to Hindu Vedic Astrology.
  • Pujas in temples: Visits to Navgraha temples lessen the negative impacts of Mangal Dosha. However, there aren’t many temples in India that are specifically devoted to Lord Mangal. Tamil Nadu is home to the most visited monuments. Others can be found in Guwahati, Assam. To lessen the negative impacts of Mangal dosha, perform these pujas on Tuesdays. On Tuesdays, go to a temple and venerate Lord Hanuman. Offer candy and vermilion. At the sanctuary, light a ghee lamp as well.
  • Chanting and Fasting: There are several Mangal Dosha Remedies but fasting on Tuesday is the most considerable among them. Mangliks who are fasting on Tuesday should eat only toor daal specifically. When it comes to chanting, it can also lessen the effect of the Mangal Dosha. Individuals with Mangal Dosha should chant the Mangal mantra on Tuesday. The other option is to chant Gayatri Mantra 108 times a day or Hanuman Chalisa daily. This will lessen the effect of Mangal and also create a positive aura around you.
  • Charity and Contributions: Making donations on Tuesdays is thought to be therapeutic for Manglik people. Swords or knives, foods made of red lentil daals (masoor daal), wheat loaves of bread, red silks, and red stones like corals are some items that are thought to be appropriate to give to Mars.
  • You can easily find some workers who are working with sharp iron objects or tools and donate red clothes to them. This one is very satisfactory among all the Mangal Dosha remedies.
  • Gemstones: Wear a golden band with a bright red coral on your right ring finger. However, before wearing it, have the horoscope chart carefully examined by a reputable astrologer.
  • Placement of Mars in the horoscope: Additionally, according to astrologers, if the first house in a person’s horoscope is Aries or Mesh and Mars or Mangal is present there, the Mangal Dosha is no longer useful because Mars is in its own house, Aries. This is the lucky one out of all the Mangal Dosha remedies.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Why is a Manglik person usually ill-tempered?

If the planet Mars is in the wrong house in a person’s horoscope chart then it means the person has a Mangal Dosha, this is a subtle way to define Mangal Dosha meaning. As the Hindu Manuscripts say, Mars is considered a charm towards anger, bravery, arrogance, and also good luck.

It is said that the person having mangal dosha will be a short-tempered person and he/she will try to suppress others with passion, bravery, and anger.

When can we consider the Mangal Dosha dangerous?

The most common talk of the town about Mangal Dosha effects is that it will create problems in one’s marriage life. Having Mars placed in the fourth house gets the native marry early. Marrying early will create problems and hindrances in the long run.

However, if Mars is placed in the eighth house of an individual’s kundli then this Mangal Dosha meaning refers to the death of the spouse. Although it is not significantly proven anywhere it all is based on beliefs.

Which are the basic remedies of the Mangal Dosha?

It is mentioned above in the article that if a manglik person marries another manglik then it will nullify the effect of Mangal Dosha.

There are also some more ways to cancel it such as chanting the mangal mantra 108 times or fasting on Tuesdays. Doing charity and contributions to a good cause will also help.


Mangal dosha effects sometimes leave a very strong impression on a person’s ability even if the person is from overseas such as the USA. These effects can overpower your good traits and you need to look for some remedies for them. If Mars is placed in the first, fourth, seventh, eight, and twelfth house then you have Mangal Dosha. Then you need to do some specific things to nullify the effect of the dosha.

You can marry a person having Mangal Dosha, you can do fasting on Tuesday particularly, you can also do chanting of mangal mantra or Hanuman Chalisa, and do charity. These things can lessen or even cancel the overpowering mangal dosha effects so that you can live your life freely.