People with the Scorpio zodiac sign are known to be quite private. They do not want anybody else to know their thoughts or actions. Therefore, they keep things to themselves and do not share their thoughts. They are highly skilled at covering their feelings and are excellent at behaving as if nothing is out of the ordinary or wrong with them in any circumstance, even though this is not the case.

Their character traits include reflectiveness, intensity, and analytic rigour. Scorpios are devoted, driven, and determined individuals. In addition to this, they are sensitive, private, and guarded about their emotions. Their primary preoccupations are dying and changing into new forms.

This perspective reverberates strongly with a profound sense of passion and feeling. You have the propensity to oppose any control and possess a highly inspiring nature that leans more toward the mystical than the practical.

The individual born with Scorpio as their rising sign fluctuates between extremes of devotion and adoration on the one hand and dominance and brutality on the other. This may make you somewhat unpredictable, but it also guarantees that neither you nor your companions will ever get bored as your connection or friendship develops.


Once a day, for around two hours, the ascending sign of each sign gets the opportunity to experience the Scorpio rising. Three pieces of information are all that is required to determine a person’s rising sign: their sun sign (which can be determined by using the day they were born), the exact time they were born (down to the hour), and the time that the dawn occurred on the day they were born (which can be easily found on online almanacks).

In the following table, each of the Sun Signs is accompanied by the moment the Scorpio Rising transits through that sign. However, the following timeframes are based on the assumption that dawn occurred every day at 6:00 a.m. When a person is born on a day that does not have a sunrise at 6 a.m., the hours are adjusted either an hour earlier or an hour later to make up for the disparity.


Ascendants of the Scorpio zodiac have analytical and critical brains, and they excel at developing plans and putting those plans into action strategically. By assessing and studying all the facts and statistics, they can determine precisely when action should be taken and how their statements should be carried out. They also give careful regard to every minute aspect of a scenario. They are not careless and can wait patiently for the moment that best suits them. They have a deep connection to their intuition, which points them in the correct direction most of the time.

They don’t choose their friends randomly and instead put a lot of thought into the process; thus, when establishing friends, they are quite selective. They are exceedingly demanding in the people they choose to become friends with, choosing instead to associate exclusively with those who are knowledgeable and trustworthy; once friends, though, the bond between them may last a lifetime. Because they have a higher-than-normal intelligence quotient, they may also be drawn to disciplines and sciences that deal with the occult and the unknown.

Ascendants of Scorpio are capable of being forceful at times and are more likely to attempt to exert their authority over a given circumstance. Their continuous drive to exert authority easily cross the line into aggressive behaviour and seem tiresome. When achieving their objectives, persons with the Scorpio zodiac sign are exceedingly goal-oriented and tend to be combative. When a Scorpio ascendant and another person quarrel, it is not in a friendly manner.

Trying to find a middle ground with them is an arduous process. Their closest friends are aware of their character, which is typically one of uncompromising resilience, and they typically come to grips with it. One thing is certain: a person with a Scorpio ascendant can never be told what to do, nor can they be instructed on their day-to-day activities or professional responsibilities. These people want to go at their own pace in all aspects of their lives. They do not have the attitude of following the crowd and do not mind standing alone for the things they believe in.

They are fiercely independent people with no qualms about paying the price necessary to maintain their independence. Those with a Scorpio ascendant are excellent at keeping a secret. These ascendants will carry whatever information that has been confided to them and for which they have given their word to keep it private to their graves. People born under the Scorpio ascendant are not only mysterious creatures but also incredibly private people who do not share much information about their personal lives with others.

On the other hand, these ascendants do not allow their feelings to get the best of them, at least not in public. They can keep their cool and maintain their composure regardless of the circumstances they find themselves in. They are experts at masking and covering up their feelings, even under the most difficult circumstances. Despite this, people who were born with Scorpio as their ascendant are very susceptible on the inside. Their loved ones may be aware that underneath the strong façade is a youngster easily hurt. These ascendants can take vengeance if mistreated and are prone to passionate outbursts if they feel their safety is in jeopardy.

People with a Scorpio ascendant tend to be very sensitive, and as a result, even a little mistake or setback in a relationship may cause them significant emotional distress. However, Scorpions are naturally envious of their romantic partnerships, and this trait can affect the majority of the partnerships they cultivate negatively. Ascendants of the Scorpio sign are notoriously hard on themselves. They have a laser-like concentration combined with a fiery passion that may either propel them to great heights of achievement or bring about the most heartbreaking of setbacks. They are also quite self-destructive and have a short fuse easily set off by even the tiniest of annoyances. Individuals who are born under the Scorpio sign have personalities that are compelling and passionate. People with a Scorpio ascendant are notorious for being restless and unable to commit to one path in life. They are too busy enjoying life to its fullest to worry about anything else. They are capable of being the most trustworthy and faithful of friends, but at the same time, they are also capable of becoming the cruelest of adversaries.


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