What is My Angel Number and How to Find it

We are discussing here our main or lucky number which we can say is my Angel Number. Angel Number can be found by Birth Date, Full Name, and also by putting all the Details of our Birth Date and then adding it all. In this article, we’ll discuss Angel Numbers and what it means or symbolizes or bestow in our life.

What is Angel Number?

Angel numbers are magical or lucky and act like our guardian angels. They are numbers that we frequently see or encounter in our daily life. Angel numbers are related to our birth date and birth chart as well. Suppose your birthday falls on the 15th of any month. Then 6, 15, and 24 would play a vital role in your life as these numbers eventually sum up to the number 6. Example-1+5=6. In Numerology, these basic numbers are known as your common Angel Number.

What is My Angel Number?

These Angel numbers show us the direction in life, lifestyle, and path we would choose to live our daily life. Our anger numbers act per guardian angel and bring luck and prosperity if we utilize that number daily. Like, your car number sums up to 6, which means that it will bring luxury and comfort in life with long sustainability as your angel number is also 6 according to your birth date. Also, the Number 6 denotes the planet Venus which gives materialistic comfort and prosperity in life.

What is My Angel Number

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Types of Angel Numbers

There are two types of Angel Numbers –

  • Common Angel Number
  • Master Angel Number.

Common Angel Number

The common Angel number are those for which we only add the date when we were born. Suppose you’re born on 14 dates of any month. Your standard Angel Number would be 5. Just Add 1+4 + 5. Common Angel Numbers are those numbers that help us in our daily life, show our character, and indicate where our happiness lies in our careers and relationships.

  • Angel Number 1:- This Angel Number denotes ideas, initiative, leadership, positivity, and success in life after efforts. This Number indicates success, victory, the rise of power, happiness, and prosperity in life. This Number also bestows power and authority or support of authority.
  • Angel Number 2:- This Angel numbers denotes the induction of love, emotional balance, peace, happiness, and good health in our life. This Number indicates harmony in our life.
  • Angel Number 3:- This Number incorporates prosperity, growth, progress, optimism, positivity, pride, upright morals, and high values in our life. This Number also denotes abundant love, popularity, and money in our life.
  • Angel Number 4:- This Number denotes dynamism, political success, sudden rise, and sudden fall in life. However, this number indicates ambition and fame after the struggle. This Number requires discipline and focus on creating its magic.
  • Angel Number 5:- This Number denotes communication, writing, magnetism, attraction, along with natural wit. People with these Angel numbers have the potential to become highly successful.
  • Angel Number 6:- This Number indicates a surge of love, peace, harmony, comfort, luxury, materialism, worldly affairs, advancement, and financial security in life. This Number also denotes romance, marriage, and success after marriage in life.
  • Angel Number 7:- This Number symbolizes spirituality, meditation, yoga, intuitive power, occult power, and ascetic life in old age. This Number can give fame and worldly success in youth but takes all of it after the middle years of life.
  • Angel Number 8:- This Number denotes luck, transportation, success after hard work, persistence, perseverance, fighting spirit, etc. This Number gives rise to individuals after many obstacles, roadblocks, and defeats.
  • Angel Number 9:- This Number denotes completion, transformation, success, and stardom in life. This Number represents energy, vibrancy, and enthusiasm in life.

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Master Angel Number and meanings

There are some powerful favorable magical, or dynamic numbers that are rare and can only be found by adding our name or through life path number calculation (Adding Date, Month, Year), for Example-James Watt. Those people who get master Numbers by adding their names or date of birth are highly successful or become prominent figures or earn a lot of respect in life.

  • Master Angel Number 11– This Number gives you the talent to make correct and good choices. This Number signifies love, higher self, intuition, and spiritual connection. This Number gives passion, purpose, and energy in life. This Number provides energy and drive in life to succeed. This Number also makes you independent, individualistic, and self-reliant.
  • Master Angel Number 22– This Number brings success through friendship and connection in your life. You can be loved and well-regarded in social circles. Partnership and cooperation is the theme of this Number. It creates peace and harmony and is very accommodating. This Number in your life makes you the most diplomatic, adaptable, flexible, and patient of all the numbers. Keeping a balance of everything will be the focus of your life.
  • Master Angel Number 33– Self-realisation of your potential and powers are the end goal of this Number in your life. This Number makes you intuitive and can give ambition and determination along with spirituality, healing, or psychic power. This Number also brings artistic talent and success in life through creativity.
  • Master Angel Number 44– This Number can bring practicality, focus, confidence, and belief into your life. You can become an excellent entrepreneur or industrialist if this Number occurs in your life through name or life path number. This Number gives self-employment in life.
  • Master Angel Number 55– This Number bestows financial success, abundance, high status, and an aristocratic lifestyle. This Number brings positivity and harmony in your romantic or married life. Your love affairs will be fulfilling. Big success in business affairs is possible.
  • Master Angel Number 66– Stability, security, and harmony are the major positives of this particular Number. This Number brings balance and steadiness, comfort. This Number brings bliss and prosperity into our life. This Number brings happiness in our private and professional life.
  • Master Angel Number 77– This Number indicates strong luck and transformation in our life. This Number incorporates spiritualism, intuitive power, psychic power, and enormous success or popularity. This Number brings political success to our life.
  • Master Angel Number 88– This Number brings good luck with finances, travel, and transportation. This Number indicates security, safety, and abundance with prosperity and happiness. This Number can bestow big success in our career.
  • Master Angel 99- This Number is the Number of peace, harmony, and spirituality. This Number brings progress, growth, and success in our materialistic and worldly affairs. Artistic talent and success in creative pursuits or sports are possible with this Number.

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Calculate My Angel Number

Suppose you want to learn how to calculate my Angel Number independently. In that case, you need to add your entire date of birth or your name numbers to find out your Angel personality or Angel expressive number. Like, Your date of birth is August 27, 1993. So, you need to add all of the birth details together to find out your Life path Angel Number, or we can say Personality Angel Number.

Calculate My Angel Number

Here, if we add 27 + 8+1+9+9+3= 57, now we will add 5+7 then we get 12. After adding 1+2, we will get 3. Thus your Life path or Personality Angel Number is 3.

How to Find My Angel Number

Method 1 & 2 to find out our Angel Number: There are two methods to calculate your Angel Number as there are two types of Angel Numbers that have much importance in our life. Because these Angel Numbers can be found out only by our Life Path Number and Name Number.

How to Find My Angel Number

Method 1 to find My Angel Number – By Birthday and Year

Your life path number is your most vital, and we can say your Personality Angel Number. It is the overview of your life which can signify your choices, hobbies, luck, and direction of your career, life, relationship, etc. In order to find this Number, all you need to do is add up all your date of birth, month of birth, and the Year of birth numbers. It can also be called your birth angel number. Also, keep adding it until you get a single number. For example 7 August 1986 would be 7 + 8 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 6 = 39 = 12 = 3. Hence your life path number is 3!

Method 2 to Find My Angel Number

Through this 2nd method, one can easily get to know about their future and their natural characteristics and what path natives shall have to walk to extract abundance and prosperity from the universe. The second method is to find it out by our original name which we use officially and in signatures.

Method of finding Angel Number through Name

To find your name Angel Number, you need to find the expression number of each alphabet of your name. Like- The h alphabet denotes the number 8, and the B denotes the number 2. We have given the chart of expressive Numbers of Each Alphabet below. Thus, you quickly find out your Name number or Angel Number.

For Example- James Watt’s expressive name number or Angel Number would be 11, which Is Master Angel Number. These Master numbers are the rarest Number that brings prosperity and magic in life. Master Numbers are powerful lucky, positive, and favorable Numbers. We have discussed the Master Angel Number above in the Article.

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In this article, we discussed what is my Angel Number and its Significance, impact, or benefits on our life. Angel Number is our guiding soul number which bestows, luck, and prosperity and shows us beneficial directions in life.