What is My Moon Sign? and How to Calculate it

In this blog, we will discuss What is My Moon Sign, how to calculate it, and its impact on our character, personality, and behavior in different situations. Our Moon Zodiac sign plays a vital role in affirming and governing our Day to Day life affairs and situations or problems. Let’s also discuss about the moon sign calculator because finding your moon sign would be super easy with the help of a moon sign calculator. Moon Sign


What’s popularly known as your “sign” in horoscopes is your Sun sign. The Moon represents your personality and essence; in that sense, it’s even more significant than the Sun. Your personal Moon sign is that particular zodiac sign where the Moon was posited and transited when you were born, which you can find in your birth chart. When you start viewing your life through your Moon sign, it gives you clarity in life, a vision, an idea of your personality, and an idea about where your fortune lies.

You can assess your Zodiac Moon sign accurately by knowing your date, place, and time of birth. Since the Moon transit into a different Zodiac signs every 2-3 days, it is essential to know your time and place of birth to calculate your Moon Sign. Moon is the fastest-moving or revolving and transiting planet in our planetary Astrological system.

What is Moon Sign?

The planet Moon’s occurrence in a particular Zodiac sign at the time of your birth becomes your Moon Sign, while the sign where the Sun was placed at the time of birth becomes a person’s Sun sign.

Vedic astrology emphasizes Moon sign more than a person’s Sun Sign. The daily Horoscope predictions for each Zodiac sign are also predicted through the Moon sign and Moon transit. While the effect of the Sun majorly concerns external personality traits, the Moon sign describes the unconscious, intuitive, and emotional side of your personality, specifically in your Day to Day affairs.

Your Zodiac Moon sign determines your natural talent and in-born qualities or attitude. This part is inherited primarily from your mother or reflects the feminine part of you. It predicts the experiences you may go through in life and gives ideas about your hobbies and happiness.

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Find Your Moon Sign

The Zodiac where your Moon was placed at the time of your birth is considered your Moon Sign. You can find it out by having details of your date, time, and place of birth. Unlike your Sun Sign, your Zodiac Moon sign cannot be calculated entirely from your date of birth. It’s because the Sun takes 12 months to travel through the 12 zodiac signs, which means it stays in one Zodiac for a whole month (30 days).

On the contrary, In 28 days, the Moon transit and complete its travel cycle through all the 12 Zodiac signs. It stays in one Zodiac sign for approximately 54 hours (about two and a half days).

By consulting both our astrologers and programmers, you can instantly find your moon sign by simply revealing or expressing your date, time, and place of birth.

What is a Moon Sign Calculator?

The astrology world revolves around the zodiac signs moving in the upper universe. You must determine your moon and sun sign to avail of astrology services. It is better to understand the moon sign calculator which is a program used to find the moon sign of a particular person.

Zodiac signs play an important role in defining your personality, it says a lot about a person such as what are they or what they wish to be. In astrology, there are three kinds of signs first is sun signs, moon signs, and rising signs. 

The sun and moon signs are known as the luminaries because they illuminate our past, present, and future. In simple terms, the rising sign can be described as what makes you, you. interior of your physical body is your consciousness.

How to Calculate My Moon Sign

The Moon Sign Calculator calculates the zodiac sign that the moon was in when you were born. The person’s birth date, time, and location are taken into consideration. As with the Sun sign, your Moon sign cannot be determined only from your date of birth. This is so because it takes the sun twelve months to pass through each of the zodiac signs—it only spends one month in each sign.

As with most astrological calculations, you must know your exact birth time to calculate your Moon sign. It’s essential to get this part right, as a few minutes here and there could push your Moon into a different sign entirely, so you’ll need to dig out the correct time of your birth along with the place of birth.

Once you have that information, you can head to any reputable online calculating system to find your Moon sign.

Why is it Vital to Know Your Moon Sign?

As mentioned, the Moon Sign calculates or dedicates an individual’s daily Horoscope (Rashiphal). In Vedic astrology, the Moon sign also plays an essential role in determining an individual’s behavior, thinking pattern, intellect, and their emotional side. It signifies or impacts your mental and emotional growth and expresses or rules over the unconscious and subconscious side of your personality.

The Moon sign gives you an idea about where your comfort and peace lie. Your Moon sign can determine your childhood days as well. It is somewhat necessary to find the answer to what is my moon sign. The placement of the Moon in your Horoscope also defines your behavior, the mode and extent of your anger, hate, possessive attitude, emotional vulnerability, jealousy, and fear. With quick movement and transit, the Moon impacts your life more than other planets, including the Sun.

Depending on its position at the time of your birth, the Moon also impacts or determines how your senses and mind will work or respond to a situation. For example, Two people under the same Aries Sun sign may not exhibit the same traits or personality described in a book based only on Sun signs. Moon signs are more accurate in describing a character. But some people same also have the same Sun and Moon signs, something known as the ‘double sign.’ This means the planet Sun and Moon occupy the same Zodiac sign in your Horoscope. This can also be determined by finding out what is my moon sign and looking for the answers to how to calculate my moon sign.

It usually happens with people born on No Moon or New Moon days and nights. Such people may exhibit twice the traits or characteristics of that particular zodiac sign where they are placed. As per Vedic astrology, the Moon also rules or governs our body parts, such as the heart, intestine, stomach, and brain. It is also believed Moon influences the glands and fluids of your body.

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When the Sun sign and Moon Sign in the Horoscope complement or are compatible with each other, individuals can quickly get away through tough times or challenging situations that occur in life. On the contrary, when they are incompatible, individuals will find it difficult to cope with problems and will be unsure of their goals or ambitions. Their future may always remain in the doldrums.

If Your Moon and Sun signs have the same element, like Moon is placed in Pisces-the water sign, and Sun is placed in Cancer, also the water sign, then your life would become more easy-going, and you may receive much happiness in your life.

What is the impact of the Moon sign?

What is the impact of Moon sign?

Your Moon sign is that particular Zodiac sign where the Moon was transiting or placed at the moment of your birth. It’s the soul of your identity, your true self, the subconscious mind, and the emotional part of yourself that you keep hidden from others or unknown to others. Unlike your outward, external personality, which is your sun sign, your Moon sign is a big part of your emotional and mental side.

Your Moon sign can give an idea about your emotional vulnerability, strength, and mental prowess and makes up your dynamic inner world. Your Moon signs profoundly impacts your character, governing your moods, mental stability, peace of mind, and your emotional side and impulse responses.

What does my moon sign mean?

What does my moon sign mean

Your Moon sign denotes your basic natural-born behavior, characteristics, thought process, courage, and intellect in life. It also deals with your taste, hobbies, and conscious subconscious state of mind. After reading about What is my moon sign and how to calculate my moon sign let’s discuss the zodiac elements too.

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Water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces)

Water sign natives react to changing experiences or environments with sensitivity and emotion. They feel most aligned with their inner self when they are transforming and their feelings are profoundly involved in something, but they also don’t forget to prioritize self-love as well.

Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn)

Earth sign natives react to changing experiences with steadiness and stability. They feel most aligned and content with their inner world or inner self when they are being productive, creating,  and working towards a goal.

Air Signs (Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius)

Air sign natives react to changing experiences with discernment and objective evaluation. They feel most aligned and satisfied with their inner self when expressing their idea or views through collaboration or communication and interacting socially.

Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius)

Fire sign natives react to changing experiences impulsively with direct action and excitement. They feel most aligned and content with their inner self when expressing confidence, ditching negative energies, through self-talk, and when showing strength.

How do Moon signs affect your life?

The planet Moon is vital in determining your health, relationships, and emotional or physical needs. Your Moon sign reveals what you need regarding self-care and overall well-being. Moon rules our senses and emotional desires. “On a spiritual level, the Moon sign shows us what we need to feel fulfilled. It reveals to us about what types of lovers we are most attracted to, what kind of partner we need, and what we need from friends and family.

Your Moon sign can also determine what you need in a relationship with your partner, how you will relate emotionally with your partner, and even your overall compatibility in a relationship by comparing your and your partner’s Moon sign. It’s still the most important to consider when building a partnership with someone.

The Sun sign signifies masculine energy, and the Moon signifies feminine energy. Your Moon sign denotes the mother energy—and often implies and impacts your relationship with your mother in a positive and sometimes in a negative way.

Here what’s Your Moon sign Says about You, and its role and meaning in your life

After hearing and reading about what is my moon sign and also getting information on how to calculate my moon sign we have gathered some more information on the moon sign for you. Below, we are describing the traits of each Zodiac Moon sign along with their personality, fortune, and tier action in certain situations along with understanding towards life.

Aries Moon Sign

People with the Aries Moon sign are blunt, optimistic, energetic, adventurous, enthusiastic, vibrant, and sometimes aggressive or moody. They can show their tantrum to their loved ones and sometimes in relationships. They love challenges and competition as they seek victory in it. However, sometimes their impulsive action may cause their downfall or failure. Aries Moon sign people can be hot-headed, restless, impatient, and temperamental with youthful experience.

Taurus Moon Sign

Natives with Taurus Moon sign stable, affectionate, and lover of art and beauty. However, they are bold, courageous, and hard-working as well. In a relationship, you might become insecure. Taurus Moon sign natives can be warm-hearted and may indulge in routine-oriented work. You have a selective group of trustworthy friends and loyal people. You can be lucky in matters of love and romance.

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Gemini Moon Sign

People with the Gemini Moon sign are free-spirited with good communicative ability. They have sharp features and can be cunning, witty, and selfish. They do well in their studies because most of them are pretty intelligent and love accumulating knowledge. Gemini Moon sign natives can be articulative with their words, and they express their feeling instantly through their words. These Gemini natives are street-smart, calculative, and play both ways, logically and emotionally.

Cancer Moon Sign

Cancer Moon natives have nurturing qualities. They are emphatic, charitable, and emotional and can be devoted or ideal life partners. These natives are proficient or perfect in their daily work or occupation. These natives fear abandonment and require a lot of love, affection, and reassurance from their family members and romantic partner. They seek strength from their peaceful, happy domestic life.

Leo Moon Sign

Leo Moon people are born influencers and charismatic leaders. They excel in sports and politics and taste early success in the creative and artistic fields. Leo Moon natives are faithful and expansive or aristocratic. These natives always search for soul mates who celebrate their success and be proud of them. They desire to conquest the whole world and also their love. They ooze confidence and charisma to succeed in the materialistic world. They constantly chase new challenges, excitement, and adventure in their love. They cherish freshness and need excitement in their life.

Virgo Moon Sign

Virgo Moon natives are healers, protectors, servicemen, and philanthropists. They can be excellent doctors or teachers. These people are reliable, loyal, responsible, and practical in their daily life. Virgo natives are analytical, but they have supreme wisdom. They’re also highly opinionated and super ethical. Virgo Moons need quite a lot of soothing as you worry more than a little.

Libra Moon Sign

People born with the Libra Moon constantly search for true love, peace, and balance in life. They have great aesthetic and artistic sense but need stability, harmony, equality, peace, and nurturing to imply or use their full potential in life. Libra Moon natives can be diplomatic and idealistic, but many times indecisive in their life. Libra natives are die-hard romantics but sometimes cannot be faithful.

Scorpio Moon Sign

Scorpio is known for its high-octane intensity Zodiac Sign. With Scorpio, a person may go through several mood swings and can have volatile temperaments and vulnerable emotions, and can get hot-headed in dealing with difficulties in their personal and professional life. These people are mentally restless and jealous or over-possessive in love. But, anyone who gains their trust or confidence or shows loyalty, these Scorpio people may pour their heart out and can give them anything they want. They happily share their wealth with the person they like. These Scorpio folks are solitude seekers as well.

Sagittarius Moon Sign

Sagittarius sign natives are honest and spiritual and have entrepreneurial qualities in them. They can be great teachers, scholars, orators, writers, publishers, astrologers, or gurus. Travel, intellectual expansion, and philosophy play a significant role in their life.  They are blunt and straightforward in life, and their optimism and positive attitude give them to progress at crucial stages in life. Sagittarius sign natives can be great coaches, motivational speakers, or critics.

Capricorn Moon Sign

Capricorn Moon sign natives are ambitious and aware of their limitations and boundaries. They are rigid but can be flexible if the situation demands them. They are reserved and sometimes introverted. Their discipline and perseverance give them great success in their career. They crave solitude as they may suffer loss and heartbreak in their family or personal life and might go through melancholy depressive, or lonely times in life. They are prudential and believe in long-term planning, partnership, or collaboration which gives them big success in life. They take their own and others’ emotions very seriously.

Aquarius Moon Sign

Aquarius Moon sign-born people are humble, grounded, humanitarian, and charitable. They are inventive, and their love for acquiring knowledge and research brings them major success in life. Hey are practical and keep their emotion in check and detach at bay. These Aquarius natives are rebellious but know how to make friends and socialize. They need the support of authority, autonomy, and freedom to succeed in life. Most Aquarius natives go through a difficult childhood in their life. They have a strong sense of creating their individuality.

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Pisces Moon Sign

Travel, intellectual expansion, partnership, collaboration, and philosophy plays a significant factor and bring happiness to their life. Their intuition and wisdom never let them down. Sometimes, they remain lost in their imaginative and fantasy world, but that’s where they develop their artistic and creative talent. They can become fantastic writers, poets, actors, singers, novelists, musicians, painters, etc. They also crave spiritual progress in the advanced years of life and love nature wandering. A Pisces Moon sign native is quite sensitive, kind, wise, and empathetic.


In the above blog, we discussed the essence and role of the Moon sign in our life and how can we use a moon sign calculator to find our moon sign which will answer both the question for you, what is my moon sign and how to calculate my moon sign. We discussed the personality traits of each Moon sign respectively. Hence, through this article, one can be aware and educated about the significance of the Moon sign in our life through Vedic and Western Astrology.