White Spots on the Nails: Causes, Prevention and More

Do you ever wonder how you get those white spots on your nails? Let’s talk about white spots on the nails: causes, prevention, and more. We all love our hands sometimes less and sometimes way too much. We take care of our precious hands because a life without our hands a very hard to imagine.

White Spots on the Nails

White Spots on the Nails: Causes, Prevention, and More

You have seen that our fingernails and toenails are mainly pale pink in color which is the normal color of nails along with an arc-type shape at the bottom of the nail which is called the lunula. The white spots on the nails are not considered to be usual at all. If they are appearing on your nails then do read this blog for more details on white spots on the nails.

White spots on the nails can happen because of an issue that goes by the name of leukonychia. It is not very common but it can has been seen all over the wise including people from the United States, India, and other populated countries.

It can also happen due to other problems too such as fungus, it can be an indicator of an injury, mineral deficiency, and metal poisoning. In all these cases white spots on the nails could appear on a high scale.

You can be healthy and still have those white spots on the nails because sometimes having them is not a sign of a severe medical condition. The most common factor of having this issue is, as earlier mentioned, Leukonychia. It is an injury to the nail matrix. Pinching or striking your nail or finger is the very cause of Leukonychia (white spots on the nails).

What is Leukonychia?

When white lines or white spots on the nails appear due to pinching or striking the nail or finger it is known as leukonychia. It is completely harmless medically and even a healthy person can have that.

Leukonychia has two kinds, one is true leukonychia and the other is apparent leukonychia. Let’s read about them:

  1. True Leukonychia- it begins in the matrix of the nail that is part of the nail responsible for nail generation. It is one of the reasons why you have white spots on the nails.
  2. Apparent Leukonychia- It is the problem with the nail bed, a part of the nail that is under the nail and not itself is the nail. It causes white spots on the nails.

What is Leukonychia

Many layers of keratin that have been compressed together make up your nail. These layers are typically translucent, allowing you to see the nail bed beneath. Your nails are pink because of this. Air becomes trapped between the keratin layers, however, if the layers are torn apart, hurt, or damaged. And that gives the area a white appearance.

What Causes the White Spots on the Nails?

There are numerous causes of leukonychia (white spots on the nails), ranging from illnesses to traumas. We’ll go over the four basic causes of white spots on nails.

1. Nail Injury

The most frequent cause of white spots on the nails in people is injury. Little white spots on the nails (punctate leukonychia) rather than white bands can be brought on by trauma or nail damage.

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A serious nail trauma could involve smashing your finger in a car door. Also, if the stress causes the nail to split from the nail bed, the entire nail may turn white.

Yet, even slight damage to your nail can result in white patches. For instance, biting one’s nails is typical behavior but officially causes nail trauma. It’s a significant contributor to white nail patches.

Trauma can also be chemical in nature and is not always physical. Furthermore, white spots can be brought on by some nail paints and synthetic nails.

2. Vitamin Deficiency

The presence of leukonychia may indicate a vitamin deficiency. Deficits in calcium, selenium, and zinc can result in whitened nails. In addition to white spots, these deficits often result in white nail bands. Yet, you must have severe vitamin shortages in order to acquire these nail alterations.

Nutritional deficits are incredibly uncommon, especially in those who consume a standard American diet. According to studies, individuals with white nail bands nearly always have normal vitamin levels.

3. Medical Condition

Leukonychia is a complication of specific medical disorders. Oftentimes, people don’t simply get white spots on their nails; they also get white bands.

Longitudinal leukonychia, or white spots that run up and down the nail, can be caused by diabetes, heart disease, liver illness, and heart failure. The top of the nail may turn white due to chronic renal illness. Many nail abnormalities, including longitudinal and transverse leukonychia, can result after chemotherapy.

4. Fungal Infection

White patches on nails are frequently caused by nail infections. Onychomycosis, often known as nail fungus, is when fungus spreads between the keratin layers of the nail.

A nail that has nail fungus will eventually become brown or yellow. But at first glance, it appears to be a white speck on the nail’s tip. Although it can affect fingernails as well, nail fungus is more frequently found on toenails.

Keep a close check on your nails because early nail fungus diagnosis and treatment can prevent more severe signs like brittle or broken nails. If you have an athlete’s foot or ringworm infection and find new patches on your nail, consult your doctor about treatment options.

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How to Treat Your White Spots on the Nails?

The treatment of the white spots on the nails will depend on how you get those spots in the first place. The doctor will recommend you the treatment on the basis of the cause.

1. Ignore contact with harsh chemicals and allergens

If you believe that the nail paint, gloss, or other product is what caused your allergic response, stop using it. See your doctor if you experience allergic reaction symptoms even after you stop using the goods.

2. Take proper Rest to Cure White Spots on the Nails

Most nail injuries just require healing time. The damage will advance up the nail plate as the nail grows. The white spots will completely vanish with time.

3. Cosmetic Treatments

Use nail paint if the discoloration on your nails bothers you or if you’re looking for a short-term solution to hide it. A natural technique to cover the spots is using nail polish that matches your skin tone. Moreover, vibrant polishes are enjoyable.

4. Antifungal medication

The most typical therapy for nail fungus is an oral antifungal drug, however many doctors will also recommend a topical antifungal prescription. It’s crucial to use the medication for the full recommended duration of time, which is usually three months. If not, you might not be able to adequately treat the infection.

How to Prevent White Spots on the Nails

If you are continuously seeing those white spots on the nails then you should not worry must just follow these steps very carefully:

How to Prevent White Spots on the Nails

  • Think about how you treat your nails: Have you recently bitten your nails or otherwise harmed your fingers? Are the spots on the digits that are harmed? When performing any task where your nails could be broken, damaged, or pinched, try your best to protect them. Also, take steps to strengthen your nails so they are more durable.

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  • Make sure to take note of your symptoms: Do you also have additional symptoms, such as alterations in the texture or color of your nails? Are your nails brittle or becoming yellow? For treatment, you might need to consult your doctor.
  • Consult with your doctor: You can schedule a consultation with your doctor if you believe the white spots on the nails are not the result of an injury. Your doctor might provide a diagnosis and a prescription following an examination.
  • Take a proper meal for the sake of your nails: Every doctor will recommend you eat a balanced diet or take proper meals. Add vitamins to your diet so that you can prevent having white spots on the nails.


White spots on the nails are often only an eyesore for most people. They are rarely an indicator of more serious issues, and the majority of them will go away on their own without care.

A short or brief visit to the doctor can help you figure out what’s causing the spots and can also provide answers to any other queries you may have if you’ve spotted them and are feeling uncomfortable. Most medical procedures are quick and efficient. You can even avoid having them by just adding some vitamins to your diet.

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